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Very busy but exicting times for Honens Racing Services

The past couple of months were extremely busy for Stefan Hones, besides investing time in some new and very promising projects, the FIA European Truck Racing Championship is already well on the way. Three events are done; in Misano (Italy), at Hungaroring (Hungary) and on the Nürburgring (Germany) Stefan was looking after the Tankpool24 team race trucks with Norbert Kiss who is currently in third position and Steffen Faas, a newcomer to the sport - behind the steering wheel. TOR Truck Racing, a team that Stefan supported in the 2017 British Truck Racing Championship now also competes in the European Championship, so to keep things simple the team owner Shane Brereton decided to keep the trailer and race truck for the service in between of the events at the premises of Honens Racing Services. Details about other ongoing projects will be published very soon.

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