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FIA ETRC Red Bull Ring 2016

In front of 16,500 spectators, there was a lot unusual things at the 2016 season opener of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship. An ETRC paddock covered with snow had previously not been experienced ever before. However, the first real performance of the race trucks this season was while cloudless sky and bright sunshine.

The new colours of the reigning European champion Norbert Kiss now wearing a Tankpool24 race suit and sitting behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz race truck must have been quite unusual for the fans, too. The Hungarian had switched to the team just before the start of the season.

It was clear to all that the Hungarian would not be able to pull down trees after the very short preparation phase, but after only a few rounds at the training sessions, Kiss got used to his new truck and pulled off some really good results both at the qualifyings and at the subsequent races throughout the weekend. Overall Kiss gained 14 championship points at the 2016 season opener.

Photography Copyright: André & Wolfgang Bartscher (

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